Rt. Hon. Oluomo, Olakunle Taiwo (Prince). The Speaker is the political head of the legislative arm of the Ogun state government. The speaker's statutory duty is to preside over the sitting and deliberations of the Assembly but the Deputy Speaker can preside in the absence of the Speaker. See full profile

Deputy Speaker

Hon. Balogun Akeem Agbolade. He performs the duties of the Speaker in the absence of the Speaker. See full profile

Majority Leader

Hon. Yusuf Sherif Abiodun. He is nominated from amongst the members of political party with majority seats in the Assembly. See full profile

Deputy Majority Leader

Hon. Abdul Bashir Oladunjoye. Deputy Majority Leader.See full profile

Chief Whip

Hon. Bello Atinuke (Mrs). The functions of the Chief Whip include assisting the Leaders of the Parties in the performance of their functions, liasing with Chairmen of committees and functionaries of the House on behalf of the party. See full profile

Deputy Whip

Hon. Adams Isaac Olushola. See full profile